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1 Syllable: S
aux, beau, beaux, blow, blown, blows, bo, boast, boat, bold, boll, bolt, bone, both, bow, bowl, bowles, bowls, bows, bro, broach, broke, brooch, bros, cau, cho, choke, chose, chrome, cloak, clone, close, clothe, clove, co, coach, coal, coast, coat, coax, code, coke, cold, cole, colt, comb, cone, cope, cote, cove, crow, crowell, crows, doe, dole, dome, dope, dos, dose, dough, dove, doze, droll, drone, drove, eau, flo, float, flow, flown, flows, fo, foam, foe, fold, folk, fro, froze, ghost, globe, glow, go, goad, goal, goat, goes, goethe, gold, gome, groan, groat, grope, gros, grove, grow, grown, grows, growth, haute, ho, hoax, hoe, hold, hole, holmes, holt, home, hone, hope, hose, host, hove, joan, joe, joel, joke, jolt, jones, jos, jove, knoll, know, knowles, known, knows, koch, load, loaf, loam, loan, loath, loathe, loaves, lobe, lone, los, low, lowe, lowell, lows, mo, moan, moat, mode, mold, mole, mon, most, mot, mote, mould, mow, mown, no, node, nose, note, nov, oak, oat, oath, oats, ode, oh, old, ole, ope, ost, owe, own, phone, plough, poe, poke, pole, polk, poll, popes, pose, post, pro, probe, prone, pros, prose, quo, quote, quoth, retold, rhode, rhone, roach, road, roam, roan, roast, robe, roche, rode, roe, rogue, role, roll, rome, rome's, rope, rose, rote, rove, row, rowe, rows, scold, scope, scroll, sew, sewn, shoal, shone, show, shown, shows, sloan, sloane, slope, sloth, slow, smoke, smote, snow, so, soak, soap, sol, sole, soul, sow, sown, sows, spoke, stoke, stole, stone, stove, stow, stowe, strode, stroke, stroll, strove, tho, those, though, throat, throes, throne, throw, thrown, throws, toad, toast, toe, told, toll, tome, tone, tow, trop, troth, vogue, vols, volt, vote, whole, woe, woke, wont, wove, wrote, yo, yoke, yolk, zone
2 Syllables: SU
2 Syllables: US
3 Syllables: SUU
3 Syllables: UUS
4 Syllables: UUUS

Found 407 words across 6 groupings. Skipped 191 excess words of a similar stem.