exact syllable matches

Abe Bowman
Abe Coleman
Abe Froman
Abe Goldberg
Abe Holzmann
Ade Coker
AE Coleman
Ake Holmberg
Ake Oberg
Ale Moeller
Ayr Gold Cup
Base locus
Beige toaster
Beit Yosef
Bey Logan
Blaine Hoven
Blaine Stoughton
Blake Bowman
Blake Grossman
Blake Soper
Brain Donor
Brain Donors
Brave Old World
Break open
Cain Rogan
Cain Rose Up
Cake Poker
Cale Holder
came over
Cape cobra
Cape Cobras
Cape Crozier
Cape Folger
Cape Froward
Cape gopher
Cape Kolka
Cape Roca
Cape Rosa
Cave glow worm
Chain loader
chain smoker
change over
che cosa
Clay Bowen
Clay Croker
Clay Golem
Clay Moser
Clay Soldiers
Cole- Drums
Craig Bolton
Craig Bowden
Craig Bowen
Craig Cohen
Craig Colbert
Craig Coleman
Craig Holden
Craig Kobel
Craig Logan
Craig Nova
Craig Owens
Craig Roland
Craig Rowland
Craig Slocum
Craig Smoker
Craig Stowers
Craig Zobel
Crate motor
Crate motors
Dado cut
Dae Jo young
Dae Jo-young
Dale Boger
Dale Copeland
Dale Oehler
Dale Romans
Dale Schoeller
Dave Bolton
Dave Bowen
sleep by astronaut
Dave Bowman
Dave Broda
Dave Coble
Dave Colburn
Dave Golden
Dave Grossman
Dave Holtzman
Dave Joseph
Dave Koehler
Dave Kopel
Dave Moulton
Dave Noble
Dave Odom
Dave Owen
Dave Roller
Dave Roman
Dave Rowan
Dave Rowland
Dave Snowden
Dave Soldier
Dave Tozer
Dave Wrobel
drage over
Duane Roland
Dwayne Goettel
Dwayne Moser
fail over
Faith Coleman
Faith Global
Faith Hope Love
Faith Nolan
Faith Wolper
Fake throw-up
Fay Holden
Fay Moulton
Faye Copeland
Faye Tozer
Flail mower
Flame Beaufort
Flame holder
Flame Shoulder
flame thrower
flame throwers
Freight Rover
Gabe Logan
Gail Bowen
Gail Olsen
Gail Olson
Gale Olson
are allowed upon
game over
Game token
Gate voltage
gave over
a very intimate non-
gay moment
Gay Soper
glaze over
Glazed Doughnuts
Grace Colman
Grace Golden
Grace Groner
Graeme Goble
Graeme Owens
Gray Loeffler
Great Bolas
Great Bolton
Great Bowden
Great Holcombe
Great Mogul
Great Moments
Great Moulton
Great Old Ones
Great Poland
Great Wolford
Grey Oceans
Hail Social
hale over
Halo grunts
Halo Hump
Halo jump
Halo one
HALO Trust
hate boner
quality, we cannot
hate Homer
Hayes Modems
Windsor Park and
Haynes Oval
Haynes Roadster
haze over
er are
hey both girls
Hey Joel
Jade Nova
Jake Goldberg
Jake Hoeppner
Jake Logan
Jake Olson
Jake Owen
James Bolam
James Bolger
James Bolton
James Bowden
James Bowen
James Bowler
James Bowman
James Brogan
James Clover
James Coburn
James Cohen
James Colbert
James Coleman
James Colston
James Conant
James copeland
James Coulter
James Covert
James Dolan
James Fogle
James Folger
James Folsom
James Gholson
James Golden
James Goldman
James Govan
James Grogan
James Grover
James Hoban
James Holden
James Holder
James Joseph
James Koven
James Loden
James Logan
James Loken
James Lomas
James Lowder
James Lowell
James Lowther
James Moeller
James Moeser
James Moses
James Nolan
James Noland
James Oberg
James Oden
James Olsen
James Olson
James Owen
James Owens
James Polster
James Roebuck
James Rogan
James Roman
James Rosen
James Rota
James Rowand
James Rowland
James Rowlands
James Schroder
James Schroeder
James Stoker
James Stoner
James Toner
James Wolcott
James Yeomans
Jane Beaufort
Jane Colden
Jane Froman
Jane Golden
Jane Goldman
Jane Holzer
Clifford Bax and
Jane Joseph
Jane Sloman
Jane Snowden
Jay Bolter
Jay Cohen
Jay Copeland
Jay Joseph
Jay Mosca
Jay Owens
Jay Rosen
Jay Schroeder
Jay Soward
Jay Woelfel
Jay Wolpert
Jayne Loader
K monel
Kade Snowden
Kate Bohner
Kate Golden
Kate Loder
Kate Moses
Kate Olsen
Kate Soper
Kate Strobel
Kate Voegele
Kate Vogel
Kay Noble
Kay Schroder
Kay Slocum
Kaye Scholer
Keio Bus
laid over
Lake Boden
Lake Bolon
Lake Bowman
Lake Coca
Lake Colden
Lake Folsom
Lake Holcombe
Lake Joseph
Lake Kioga
Lake Kyoga
Lake Lona
Lake Mogan
Lake Moses
Lake Olga
Lake Oval
Lake Owens
lake poet
lake poets
Lake Rhoda
Lake Roland
Lake Rosen
Lake Soda
Lake Toma
Lake Tota
Lake Volta
Lake Zoar
Lame oval
lay hold of
lay open
lay over
Layne Roland
lays over
Mace Moulton
the various parts
made bolder
hundred Palestinians are
made homeless
following spring was
made Oberst
made over
Mae Nolan
Maidstone Club
Main motion
Main rotor
Maine Open
Mains voltage
alone does not
make noble
make over
makes over
Mays Copeland
Meno Burg
name over
and Irene was
named Proba
on himself was
named Yeoman
Nane Joseph
Nate Bowman
Nate Colbert
Nate Holden
was a right-arm
pace bowler
Pace bowler
Pace bowlers
Paige Bowen
Paint roller
Paint rollers
when it was
paved over
Pedros Cup
place holder
plain hokum
Play Mobile
those rat-a-tat-tat,
play those drums
Race Owen
rage boner
Rail Motor
Rail Motors
Rail Toaster
Railroad buff
Railroad Earth
railroad gun
railroad guns
Railroad Jerk
railroad truck
railroad trucks
railroad worm
Rainbow Girl
Rainbow girls
Rainbow Nerds
Rainbow One
Raith Rovers
rake over
Range Rover
Range Rovers
Ray Bolger
Ray Bowden
Ray Colcord
Ray Coleman
Ray Dolan
Ray Holbert
Ray Holden
Ray krone
Ray Noble
Ray Oldham
Ray Owen
Ray Poulter
Ray Rohwer
Ray Rosas
Ray Rowan
Ray Slocum
Ray Tolbert
Ray Yeoman
Rayne Sohmer
have closed and not
Rey Colon
Sago worm
Saint Brogan
Saint Colman
Saint Conal
Saint Conan
Saint Conus
Saint Cronan
Saint Donat
Saint Jonas
Saint Joseph
Saint Moses
Saint Oda
Saint Olga
Saint Omer
Saint Poma
Saint Roland
Saint Roman
Saint Ronan
Saint Soter
Sale Rovers
Sales quota
Sayles Bowen
Scale focus
shake over
Shane Joseph
Shane Roller
Shane Schoeller
shape poem
Shape poems
Shay Holtzman
Shay Logan
Shayne Bowen
skate over
Slave owner
yeoman farmers and
slave owners
the Tidewater and Piedmont
Space Cobra
space motion
space motions
Space rover
Stagecoach Bus
Stagecoach Hull
Staines Boat Club
Stake holder
stake over
State Focus
stay over
Strained yogurt
Stray Toasters
Stray voltage
Taiko Drum
Tail covert
Tail rotor
take notice
take over
tired, the robot
takes over
Tape loader
the farmlands
they both loved
They don't bluff
harvesting jobs as
they opened
They won't burn
They won't work
But taking on
including arms and
service, were not
were armed and
trained soldiers
Tre kronor
Vague torus
Waco Cubs
Wade Bowen
Wade Coleman
Wade Rowland
Wales Open
Waste toner
Wave Motion
Wave motor
Wayne Boden
Wayne Colman
Wayne Grover
Wayne Holdsworth
Wayne Logan
Wayne Moses
Wayne Moulton
Wayne Owens
Wayne Sobers
Whale Moses
Zane Copeland

with 1 extra syllable

Amway Global
fleet was the
blockade broken
pawns of the
blockade owner
Lewis friend and
campaign donor
was more than
halfway over
not count towards
Mondale's totals
and not
translate, those words
Vallejo, ca