Nouns denoting natural objects (not man-made)

a sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide
River Thames
the longest river in England; flows eastward through London to the North Sea
Argun River
a river in eastern Asia that arises in China and flows northeast along the border between China and Russia to become a tributary of the Amur River
a poetic term for a shore (as the area periodically covered and uncovered by the tides)
a structure that provides a natural habitation for bees; as in a hollow tree
Abukir Bay
a bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt
Sacramento Mountains
mountain range in New Mexico to the east of the Rio Grande
material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)
one of the parts into which something naturally divides
Cascade Mountains
a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California; a part of the Coast Range
Bristol Channel
an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between southern Wales and southwestern England
lower mantle
the deeper part of the mantle
the part of the sea that can be seen from the shore and is beyond the anchoring area
beta particle
a high-speed electron or positron emitted in the decay of a radioactive isotope
a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea; separates the European and Asian parts of Turkey; an important shipping route
a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (26,820 feet high)
any celestial body visible (as a point of light) from the Earth at night
a large and distinctive landmass (as India or Greenland) that is a distinct part of some continent
any of numerous minute rudimentary crystalline bodies of unknown composition found in glassy igneous rock
the lower wall of an inclined fault
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