sure1 plucked2
1 definitely or positively (`sure' is sometimes used informally for `surely')
2 having the feathers removed, as from a pelt or a fowl
darkly1 steep2
1 in a dark glowering menacing manner
2 of a slope; set at a high angle
fresh1 annihilating2
1 very recently
2 making light of
legally1 treated2
1 in a legal manner
2 subjected to a physical (or chemical) treatment or action or agent
more or less1 impotent2
1 (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct
2 lacking power or ability
persistently1 revolutionary2
1 in a persistent manner
2 markedly new or introducing radical change
civilly1 undefiled2
1 in a civil manner
2 free from stain or blemish
in situ1 declared2
1 in the original or natural place or site
2 made known or openly avowed
attractively1 professed2
1 in a beautiful manner
2 claimed with intent to deceive
politically1 enchanted2
1 with regard to government
2 influenced as by charms or incantations
week after week1 disqualified2
1 for an indefinite number of successive weeks
2 disqualified by law or rule or provision
privately1 wrongful2
1 by a private person or interest
2 not just or fair
hysterically1 undefined2
1 in a hysterical manner
2 not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished
steadily1 downward2
1 at a steady rate or pace
2 on or toward a surface regarded as a base
heavily1 unambiguous2
1 in a heavy-footed manner
2 having or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning
unnecessarily1 finer2
1 without any necessity
2 (comparative of `fine') greater in quality or excellence
nationwide1 sublime2
1 extending throughout an entire nation
2 greatest or maximal in degree; extreme
chronologically1 away2
1 with respect to chronology
2 used of an opponent's ground
outright1 indirect2
1 without reservation or concealment
2 having intervening factors or persons or influences
month by month1 prosperous2
1 for an indefinite number of months
2 marked by peace and prosperity
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